Why Change Management Specialists can provide a cost effective and humane method of bringing about change: “Never buy an ex polo pony”

Someone once told me very wisely “I think that if you ever buy a horse, never buy an ex polo pony”. “Why?” I questioned. “Because polo ponies only know two speeds ‘Fast’ and ‘Stop’ I have never bought a horse, or have any plans to do so, but when reflecting on the challenges facing the […]

What does Brexit mean for me?

Following an unexpected result in the EU referendum we’ve seen some short term volatility in financial markets.  How does this affect us all in day-to-day life, and how does it affect our wealth, savings, investments and pensions? Let us explore three of these main factors:   The value of the Pound One of the main […]

Brexit – Are you ready for it?

The political pundits can debate on way or the other about the impact of leaving Europe but put simply, we will see withdrawal of the biggest funder in Wales and whilst in the long term this funding may be replace, we are heading for a fundamental shake up….and it’s going to hurt! Without definite data […]

Developing a personal brand

  Let’s be honest, most of us work beyond the hours we are contacted to do. Lunch is eaten in front of your PC and with the emergence of smart phones we are all constantly checking for emails, playing email tennis with colleagues, friends and associates with rallies Wimbledon would be proud of. So being […]

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