Community Asset Transfer – new resources and events

New resources The Welsh Government has recently published best practice guidance and a checklist for communities looking to secure ownership of public land and buildings from local authorities.  Quick downloads are available below: Community Asset Transfer in Wales – A best practice guide Community Asset Transfer checklist Asset Transfer: Everything you need to know Wednesday […]

Welsh Business Show 2015 – worth a visit?

Two members of the Empower team headed down to the Welsh Business Show in Cardiff last month.  With a push in the voluntary sector to develop commercial awareness and income-generating opportunities, we went with one question in our minds – would it be worth voluntary sector staff attending a conference for small and medium businesses? […]

Team Talk: Spotlight on your INFP team member

At their best For those members of your team who have INFP preferences – that is they have a preference for Intraversion over Extraversion, iNtuition over Sensing, Feeling over Thinking and Perceiving over Judging – their primary goals are to discover their meaning in life and make the world a better place. They are intuitive […]

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