Blog: What’s Myers Briggs all about?

As a Myers Briggs practitioner, I’m often asked what it’s all about and how it can help. Because I’m such a fan, I tend to launch in to a full enthusiastic description, talking about the possibilities and how it can help people develop and reach their full potential – typical of my type, really. But […]

What Shakespeare can teach us about social enterprise – better ‘to be’ or simply ‘to do’?

Many charities and local authorities are now running services and activities under the banner of ‘social enterprise’ to contribute to their sustainability (both as services and organisations).This perhaps helps to explain why there’s such confusion about what social enterprise is: some organisations presenting their structure and form as the basis for their identity, while others […]

Blog: Review of Third Sector Finances announced!

An article in Civil Society News recently caught my eye – “Umbrella bodies to review state of sector finances” it said and made me wonder whether they’d been in attendance at our recent Great Debate event which Centurion VAT delivered in association with Broomfield accountants and the WCVA in Cardiff entitled: “ Funding Gaps – […]

Change, change and more change

Anyone working in the finance department of a charity will currently be wondering what the new Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) will have in store and when will we finally get to see the final version.  After long delays, the revised SORP is finally due to come into effect in 2014.The current SORP came into […]

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