Should you trust your (social) enterprise advisor?

OK, seeing as a lot of work that I do is in the guise of an advisor to charities and social enterprises, this may sound a bit odd, but bear with me… I recently saw some publicity for a local enterprise agency that caught my eye (for the wrong reasons) because of a client testimonial they’d used: “their […]

The Framework for Action on Independent Living

The Welsh Government took a very positive move last year by launching the Framework for Action on Independent Living and that was a first step towards making an impact for people with disabilities and social inclusion, ensuring social inclusion and equality became a reality for them.  But, how is that going to happen?  I believe […]

Is your team set up to win?

I’ve recently returned from a great holiday to New York. While there, I went to my first NFL game – the New York Jets against the Pittsburgh Steelers. What a great experience! Although I don’t understand the finer points of the game, there were some interesting learning points for me in terms of team performance. […]

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