Motivating your team

When times are tough, some teams sink into lethargy, feeling anxious about the future. Alternatively, the business may have been restructured or downsized, with the remaining team members feeling vulnerable for their own positions. Whatever the cause, it’s exactly at these times that teams need to feel valued and motivated. There are some simple things […]

Are you stretching your funds to breaking point?

  They say that charity begins at home, but does it really? What impact do your staff policies have on your charitable activities? Many of our clients will find that staff costs are the biggest cost for the charity; but what exactly do these staff costs comprise of? Charities often explain their generous benefits package […]

Recession – Opportunity or Threat?

Regardless of what Ministers and Spin Doctors say, we are still well entrenched within one of the deepest recessions in living memory and improvements will not be seen overnight. So why are some enterprises succeeding in spite of the difficulties while others are falling by the wayside? The answer lies in the ability of organisations […]

Moving on to Transitions

Now for the enjoyable bit…well almost… Before we move onto the transitions and other effects, have a good look at your story and if the programme allows it, zoom into your timeline.  Look for any ‘jumps’ or gaps, however tiny they are; if you leave them in they will grate when viewing and reviewing the […]

Engaging your team

Recently I facilitated a workshop for middle managers in a large retail company. The workshop was one of a series aimed at improving their management skills. One of the outcomes was to enable them to identify how to be more effective as a manager and drive higher performance from their teams. During the workshop the […]

VAT ‘n Education

It struck me the other day, as my colleague Julie and I were delivering another VAT training session for clients, how much the world changes in a generation or so. I can remember the first computer landing (not literally of course) on my work desk in the early 1990’s; that moment when technology arrived and […]

The concept of ‘public benefit’ for charities

The concept of ‘public benefit’ has been with us for a while now but remains a subject of considerable debate and contention.  In an attempt to make the subject clearer, the Charity Commission has recently re-issued its guidance on public benefit which covers three areas: How public benefit fits within the definition of a charity […]

Creating a timeless brand

I’m sure you can imagine how many times we hear “I want to create a timeless brand”. Yet, can a brand be timeless these days? We believe it can. However, it’s largely dependent on the type of brand; some sectors have strong established feels to them. For example, you wouldn’t imagine a whisky manufacturer having […]

Remploy Factory Closures

As you are all probably aware, October saw the closure of the last of the Remploy factories.  We now move into a new era and remain committed to providing support for individuals who wish to seek alternative employment. We have a rich history and have gained valuable experience and knowledge over the last 67 years […]

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