Even firefighters need a plan!

  Many organisations have forgone their Strategic Plans, questioning their relevance during such turbulent and unpredictable times, suggesting the need to be free to react swiftly on a day-to-day basis. Whilst I acknowledge that organisations need to be able to respond quickly to risk and opportunity, this does not preclude the need for a Strategic […]

Too Successful?

A charity made front page news by closing after receiving £100,000 from the Home Office because it’s been “too successful” in reducing crime and so its services are no longer needed. Well done to them – rather than try and continue a service that no one wants/needs, or to re-invent themselves with new services (which would undoubtedly have moved in […]

Digital Storytelling – Almost There

Not only a hit by Andy Williams, but also where we are. Before we get to the end though, I need to explain that these blogs are ‘Digital Storytelling Training Lite’.  By that I mean the Train the Trainer courses are usually run over five or six days and so it’s simply not possible to […]

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