It’s the season of mellow fruitfulness…

 – the time of year when we reap what we’ve sowed: in the agricultural context, but also it’s true of life in general I’m sure. Running a business (even a VAT consultancy business!) has some common themes with running a charity. Both need to develop relationships with those sectors we serve, to build trust and […]

Same size fits all?

It’s time to leave sound behind for now and move on to getting your images ready for the digital story. If it’s your story then you probably have an idea of the pictures you want to use.  If you are working with a participant then hopefully they will already have sorted some out for you.  […]

Breaking Down Barriers For Disabled People

I was recently appointed as the Remploy Director for Wales.  Our mission is to transform society and the lives of disabled people and we achieve this by: Creating equality in employment Facilitating their access to sustainable employment and careers Enabling them to achieve their ambitions and maximise their potential We believe that work is a […]

Are we expecting too much of our volunteer boards?

Funding streams such as the Communities Facilities Activities Fund and Heritage Lottery Fund have seen an increase in the ownership of ‘community assets’ by small to medium voluntary and community groups. Unfortunately, these assets come with another title – ‘liabilities’ – and a number of groups across the UK have seen their overheads increase pretty […]

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