Build it and they will come?

We have designed and built lots of websites at Hoffi, and the ones that have lasted are the sites that are used by the owner. This seems an odd thing to say, but for many, the last time someone uses their website is when it’s being populated ready for its launch. We feel it is […]

MHA Charity and Not-for-profit Report:

Earlier in the year Broomfield & Alexander in conjunction with our partners at MHA ( undertook a survey of our charity and not-for-profit clients, specifically looking at income generation.  The results are summarised below and make for some interesting reading.  Compare and contrast with your organisation and take note of things to beware of, mainly […]

Digital Storytelling: Technically Speaking

For those who love technology it’s time to get excited as it’s now time to touch a computer. If you have been following the previous blogs you should now have a series of voice recordings of the story, but they are stored on whatever device you have used. Given the variety of devices that you […]

Isn’t it about time funders considered tapered grants?

With so many charities facing the catastrophic effects of a loss of major funding, isn’t it time more funders considered tapered grants? Despite the warnings not to rely on large scale funding pots, organisations nevertheless find themselves developing their core services to manage funding, only to find they are paying core costs from reserves once […]

Does your legal form make you a social enterprise?

The recent launch of Unltd’ ‘trust engine’ model (an attempt to reconcile the philosophy of social enterprise within a privately owned business), and some of the ongoing murmurings about the national social enterprise mark, has brought to the fore once again the issue of how we identify and recognise social enterprise. Many argue that in order to be […]

Getting a deeper understanding of your staff’s needs using Myers Briggs:

As the leadership role increasingly requires individuals and boards to manage the change process within organisations, Myers Briggs still remains relevant. According to Myers Briggs, individuals are drawn towards one of the four words and this affinity reflects what they need from the change process. There are several interpretations of these words but broadly they […]

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