How to generate multiple income streams for your charity:

Many charities and social enterprises embarking on trading for the first time often limit themselves to one or two methods of generating income. This approach can inhibit growth and find organisations spending increasing amounts of money on marketing materials that just don’t work. At a Tony Robbins seminar in London some time back I was […]

Let’s Get Digital

Some of you are probably thinking by now, “These blogs are supposed to be about digital storytelling?  We’ve had six and not one bit of technology has made a proper appearance yet!” This is true and I hope the reason for it is clear.  Whilst these are digital stories, they are stories first with a […]

Sharing the Servant Leader Model:

Whilst studying people and organisational development at Salford University, I met the author of Servant Leader, a book about leadership, which immediately struck a chord with me. Simply put, the Servant Leader sets the standard they want from individuals and their teams and then they ask “what do you need from me to achieve that […]

Managing Project Risks:

When projects face difficulties, I often hear the cry: “This issue came on us without warning and has had a profound impact on us.” In all truth, very few things come out of nowhere, but organisations often fail to consider risk early, which is why they get into difficulty. So, how do you identify and […]

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