Restructuring – a Crisis or an Opportunity?

Over the past several months I have been involved in a number of restructures and whilst they are anxious times for staff and trustees, if handled properly they promote opportunities for growth, sustainability and staff development.There is some key legislation around restructuring, which is likely to involve changes in staff terms and conditions. The process […]

To Script or Not to Script

Most of these blogs so far have been about digital storytelling ‘rules’ and how to acquire a good story; how to stimulate relevant memories and encourage a participant to share their anecdotes.  So now you have the basis for your story, what next?  We at Breaking Barriers Community Arts strongly favour the use of scripts.  […]

For App Sake…

Last month I talked about adapting your website for a mobile audience, allowing users to get the most from your online content. As a follow on I thought it would be worthwhile mentioning Apps. Over the last couple of years there’s been an onus on producing mobile applications or ‘Apps’ as we all know them.  […]

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