VAT’s the world coming to ….

This week may well prove to be one of the busiest on record for yours truly – in terms of VAT speaking engagements and events – and the charity sector looms large in it! Tuesday 21st May we are hosting our second annual VAT Forum for the Welsh Housing Association sector and there’s a lot […]

The secret truth about business plans…

As an enterprise/business advisor, a graduate of two university degrees in business, a member of various professional bodies, and published by peer review on business support, I’ve had a lot of time to think about business plans. And there’s a lot of stuff about them out there: courses, books, templates, on-line tools and programmes, consultants offering to […]

Guest blog: Charity Seminar

The future is bright for organisations in the third sector, but they have to adapt to a brave new world of funding if they are to remain financially stable. That was the conclusion of a major debate that we recently held with charities in south Wales. We wanted to identify some of the key issues […]

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