Third Sector Indigestion

Another year, another funding cut.

At least we’ll get to deliver more public services for the privilege.  Take with one hand, take away with the other.

That grant application offers some hope. If we could just differentiate our aims, objectives, outcomes and indicators, we might figure out how to measure them.

Be more entrepreneurial they say. Start a trading arm! Sell some products and become self-funding! Easy! Then we look around our already overworked staff team and remember that the private sector looted the budding entrepreneurs with promises of gold and trinkets.

Damn it, did we remember to write that new policy for the employment handbook? Never mind, it’ll be resolved during the merger.  What was a TUPE again? It’s a good job we haven’t got a HR manager, they’d be off with stress anyway.

Thankfully, that four-years-in-the-making social media marketing strategy is really starting to pay off; we got six new visitors to the website last week. At this rate, we may even get a donation by Christmas.  Let’s hope they Gift Aid it!

Just heard back about that grant.  26th out of 158 wasn’t that bad was it? We’ll stand out next time. At least we’ve caught up on those minutes and actions just in time for the next Board meeting.

It’s a shame half our trustees didn’t turn up this month because we still haven’t been able to recruit them.  We’re sure the other half aren’t dreaming of the day there are enough trustees to at least give them the option of standing down.  Maybe we could ask someone from the ever-dwindling pool of volunteers to become a trustee? They’d love to do some more training.

Wait a minute… what about the beneficiaries?


Empower – Support for the Voluntary Sector Ltd. offers fast-acting, targeted relief from third sector indigestion.

Whether you are suffering from income generation heartburn, trustee reflux, involuntary bloating, management headaches or funding aches and pains, we’ve got the tonic:

  • Strategy development & business planning
  • Interim management & HR advice and support
  • Restructuring / merger support
  • Governance & policy development
  • Trustee recruitment & selection
  • Fundraising, charity trading & bid-writing support
  • Project management, research and evaluation
  • Marketing, advertising and website design support
  • Training

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