Working in your community


This course is A MUST for anyone working within the community they live. It will help you define your boundaries. Learn to say ‘NO’ and still stay engaged with your neighbourhood. How to refer effectively and how to maintain your privacy and family life. Create independence among the people you support.

Other issues covered are confidentiality and personal safety.

This is a highly interactive, fun and energising workshop where you can share experiences with fellow workers.


 This course examines what it’s like to be a community activist in your own neighbourhood.

We explore roles and boundaries and the distinction between what discussions may be acceptable as a resident and what restrictions may be put on you as an activist or community worker.

The session provides the skills to maintain your home life and privacy and be able to say no to unreasonable requests or visits to your home during family time.

Learn to delegate and refer on, enabling residents to access the best quality support and avoid you burning out.

Developing the capacity of other residents is something that some community activists may be reluctant to do. We examine developing the capacity of the wider community and the positive benefits for you as an activist.

We look at the stages new groups inevitably go through and the appropriate level of support for each stage.

Finally, what to do if it goes wrong. Dealing with conflict and personal verbal attacks.  How to avoid getting into disagreements and where to get support to resolve them.

Course suitable for:

Ideal for new and experienced community development workers, trustees, management committee members and volunteers working in and around the area they live.

Resident members and volunteers will also find this course invaluable.

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