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empower-training-dvdsBe a Highly Effective Manager

Management training for staff is the most poorly resourced area of staff development within the charitable sector. Often staff are appointed to a management role with little or no training and are expected to lead their team effectively through the trials and tribulations of the not-for-profit sector. This interactive DVD encapsulates one of Empower’s most popular courses and is a must for current managers and those wishing to move into a management role. Packed full of advice and strategies, including a role play exercise on Effective Supervision, this is an extremely worthwhile investment for any organisation.

Learning to lead
Effective delegation
Enhancing job roles
Improving morale
Conducting Support and Supervision sessions
Improving team dynamics

Essential for: Chief Officers, senior managers and those with line management responsibility.

DVD_range-250x177Working in Your Community

This DVD is A MUST for anyone working within the community they live. It will help you define your boundaries. Learn to say ‘NO’ and still stay engaged with your neighbourhood. How to refer effectively and how to maintain your privacy and family life. Create independence among the people you support.
A highly interactive, fun and energising session, through which you can share experiences with fellow workers or work through the session in your own time.

We examine what it’s like to be a community activist in your own neighbourhood.
We explore roles and boundaries and the distinction between what discussions may be acceptable as a resident and what restrictions may be put on you as an activist or community worker.
The DVD looks at how to develop the capacity of individual citizens and how to respond to non-engagement.
We look at the stages new groups inevitably go through and the appropriate level of support for each stage.
Other issues covered are confidentiality and personal safety.
Finally, what to do if it goes wrong. Dealing with conflict and personal verbal attacks. How to avoid getting into disagreements and where to get support to resolve them.

Essential for: Ideal for new and experienced community development workers, trustees, management committee members and volunteers working in and around the area they live.


Esther_Nagle-125x150Product Tester Comments

"Although I missed the humour in Bev’s ‘in person’ training, but this can’t come across in the same way on a DVD as it does in a room full of people. Very comprehensive course, covered everything I could think of! I will learn a great deal from having this DVD to refer to when I need to."

Esther Nagle
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resized_personal_safety-250x167Personal Safety and Lone Working

The aim of the CD is to enable participants to explore the practical and emotional issues relating to lone working in a safe environment with opportunities to share and build on good practice.  By the end of the CD, participants will be able to:

- Identify a range of lone working situations

- Know how and where to raise lone working issues

- Consider practical solutions to areas of risk assessment

- Understand how and why professional boundaries are important in lone working

- Develop individual strategies for personal safety in the workplace and community



- Uses a range of case studies for participants to establish what they would do in a variety of scenarios

- Enables participants to establish the responsibilities of the individual and the organisation in ensuring the personal safety of all staff

- Includes an element around risk assessments, communicating risk issues both within the organisation and to other agencies whilst retaining confidentiality

- Provides participants with the knowledge and skills to enable them to control the environment and ensure they possess all necessary information

- Ensures that participants will leave with a raised awareness of the issues and how to avoid risk situations and will action plan to develop safe practices


Essential for: Aanyone who works in a lone working environment either in the community, in an office context, or for those who manage lone workers. These may include outreach workers, community development workers, support / advocacy workers, teachers working in the community, those meeting or supporting service providers in an office where they are alone and not in regular contact with other office users or those who transport service users alone.


resized_project_management-250x167Effective Project Management

With the emphasis on funded projects and increasing focus on outcomes, this DVD provides the essential skills for a new or experienced project manager.

The DVD will provide you with the skills and confidence to manage any project and to avoid the pitfalls that inevitably face community projects.


The DVD covers all elements of project management including:

- Setting and meeting targets, establishing baseline
- Monitoring spend
- Measuring outcomes including ‘Distance Travelled’
- Creating milestones
- Managing Risk – deal with assumptions
- Engaging stakeholders
- Understanding the ‘customer’ and the needs of the beneficiary versus the funder

Essential for: New and experienced project managers and anyone working on a funded project who wants to understand the principles of project management.


Esther_Nagle-125x150Product Tester's Comments:

"I liked the language and tone of the presentation, like being on a real training course! The language used is clear, precise, without too much jargon and so is very accessible to new managers as well as well experienced ones. Would certainly be beneficial to a cash strapped organisation with numerous line managers to train."

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empower-training-dvdsProject Management Masterclass

From setting out objectives to compiling the final monitoring and evaluation report and identifying priorities, this Project Management Masterclass CD shows you how to plan, run and monitor projects, and explains what to do if things go wrong. This resource contains a wealth of straightforward, expert advice on scheduling and budgeting, managing and communications information, planning activities, and developing leadership skills to ensure successful completion of all projects.

- Review of key features of projects
- Understanding who the customer is
- Identifying the essentials of success
- Checking outcomes – how does the customer view success?
- Prioritising
- Defining the scope
- Defining objectives and indicators
- Checking assumptions
- Committing resources – examining details, making compromises, documenting resources
- Identifying threats, contingency planning, pre-empting problems, completing the plan
- Encouraging teamwork, maintaining momentum, using a logical process, making safe decisions
- Communicating clearly and tracking progress, monitoring performance, resolving difficulties
- Stakeholder analysis
- Dealing with change
- Understanding customer needs

Essential for: Managers and project managers



resized_fundraising-250x167Essential Guide to Fundraising & Bid Writing

Empower has delivered this extremely valuable training to well over 1,000 people and it continues to be a very popular course. You can access this training again and again to train staff and volunteers as and when you need it with this Interactive CD.

Fundraising and Bid Writing is becoming increasingly competitive and many organisations are struggling to fund projects and core work. This resource enables you to up-skill the whole organisation and share responsibility for generating valuable income.

- The CD includes all the information you need to research and write a strong funding application
- We include information on measuring outcomes; how to secure community buy in and costing the bid accurately
- The CD includes interviews with key funders explaining what they look for in a bid
- Packed with additional resources, we explain the policies and procedures essential for charity groups wishing to access funding

Essential for: new and experienced fundraisers, staff and volunteers wishing to develop their bid writing skills.


Esther_Nagle-125x150Product Tester's Comments:

"Overall, how satisfied were you with this DVD? A: Very. I was able to select the particular chapters I was interested in watching, and re watch chapters I needed to go back to. I will learn a great deal from having this DVD to refer to when I need to. I would consider the price to be very reasonable for the value of the content. Very comprehensive course, covered everything I could think of!"

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