Train the trainers


Train the trainers brings together the latest theories on adult learning in the context of both the voluntary and community, and the public sector. The course examines how to promote effective learning, delliver to a multi ability group and provide valuable learning outcomes for the participants.

Delivered by qualified trainers with years of experience training at an exceptional standard, this course is a must for training officers or those required to deliver training sessions.



  • Planning training sessions – We look at timings, the right mix of presentation and activity and building in review
  • Learning styles / teaching styles – We all have a preferred learning style and teaching style. It is important to deliver a course that is appropriate for all learning styles
  • How to assess learning – It is important to check learning throughout your session. Look at ways to check learning that do not interfere with the learning process
  • Warm up and close exercises – It is important to get participants working together as soon as possible. Closes are great to review and cement learning
  • Acknowledging participants’ prior knowledge/skills – Adults (and of course children) come to sessions with knowledge and skills that should be acknowledged in the session
  • Allowing thinking time, small group/pair group – Some people are reluctant to feed into large groups and often need to ‘try out’ their ideas in a safe environment
  • Maintaining energy levels – Energy levels can drop, particularly after lunch. Learn strategies to maintain the energy levels throughout the session
  • Lesson planning – Lesson plans are a vital component of any lesson. They inform the trainer about various exercises, resources and methods of checking learning. They also provide a timed framework so that the trainer knows how the session is progressing
  • How to use exercises to promote learning and making these accessible to all your learners
  • Each session you deliver should be appropriate to the group, be sensitive to equality issues and have a clear purpose
  • The importance of evaluation – Evaluation is vital for trainers as it enables you to fine tune content and methodology. All sessions should be evaluated and honest comments encouraged
  • Making adjustments to make courses accessible – It is important to be aware of additional requirements participants may have so that you can tailor your courses and training materials to make sure these are inclusive for all learners


Course suitable for:

Training officers / co-ordinators, trainers, those wishing to move into a training role.One day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm   

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