The Ultimate Guide for Trustees and Management Committees

This course follows the National Occupational Standards for Trustee and Management Committees.

Set over two days, the session includes:

Day 1

Safeguarding and promoting the values and mission of the organisation

This element of the course seeks to clarify the aims and objectives of the organisation. We reflect on the roles and responsibilities of the board in upholding the missions and values and develop an action plan to implement the necessary changes.

Determining the strategy and structure of the voluntary or community organisation

The group will examine the governance structure to ensure it is fit for purpose and use an options appraisal to make any changes. Together the group conducts a skills analysis and identifies gaps in skills or representation and plan to resolve issues.

Participants will be asked to reflect on the content of Day 1 as this will then impact on the content of Day 2.

Day 2

Ensuring the voluntary or community organisation operates in an effective, responsible and accountable manner

We examine the necessary policies and procedures required to ensure that the organisation is open, transparent and representative. We look at what problems could occur in the development of an organisation and what strategies management committees and trustees can adopt to deal with issues such as staffing, communication, poor take up of services and lack of funding.

Ensuring the effective functioning of the voluntary and community organisation’s board to trustees

We look at building an effective team and developing strategies which will ensure good communication on strong decision making capacity, whilst still operating on a voluntary and part time basis.

Review session for trustees and management committees to examine what they have learned and action plan to implement changes.

Each group will produce a framework of key priorities, tasks and deadlines which will implement any development issues they have identified as part of the session.

Course suitable for:


Current or would be trustees, board members or members of management committees of either voluntary and community organisations or social enterprises. The delivery method makes it appropriate for less confident learners and community members.

Two day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm

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