Team Building Away Days

Empower Support for the Voluntary Sector is experienced in planning and facilitating staff away days which provide a number of functions including:

  1. Engaging the whole team in activities to promote team building
  2. Having space away from the organisation to review and grow
  3. Having fun
  4. Service planning for the team or organisation
  5. Resolving issues

Empower believes that often team building events are context based, that a group of individuals can come together to complete a task as a team but the experience of that is not necessarily transferable to the workplace. This is because the exercise is predominantly task orientated. We focus not simply onto fun tasks that bring teams together, but evaluate the ability of groups to work as a team. Our approach is always positive.

Activities include:

Moonwalk – develops trust good communication and mutual support

Spiders Web – involves planning, developing strategy, understanding the strengths and limitations of team members, and working as a team to complete a task against the clock

Four corners – explores the motivations of team members and how best to support each other

The Great Egg Race – work as a team to complete a task. Competitive, uses skills in creativity, marketing and promotion

Corporate Maze – about developing effective communication and strategy

And many others

Where required, we use visioning to inspire the organisation to acknowledge where they could be. We use mixed teams to action plan for the future in response to development needs.

We use a range of creative methods to work through tasks with plenty of space for staff members to meet with each other informally.

Empower believes that the skills, insights and understandings developed on the day should be transferable back to the organisational context if real team building is to take place and new relationships and friendships forged from the space the day creates.


Course suitable for whole teams or management teams, boards or trustees either from the voluntary and community sector or our public sector partners.

Duration:  One day (9.30am – 3.30pm)                                       


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