Successful Trading For The Third Sector


Third Sector organisations are increasingly being expected to seek a range of funding streams. One of these may be trading. By selling goods or services you can create a regular – and if you are lucky – increasing funding stream, but it requires the organisation to adopt an entrepreneurial approach to fundraising and ensure it is in a position to take solid, commercial decisions quickly and decisively.

This course shows how to move your organisation from grant dependency to effectively managing a mixed model of funding.

We explore market forces, understanding the competition and how to research market need. You will learn how to position yourself to ensure people come to you first and how to keep customers once you have them.

Use your Mission Statement and organisational values to create a Unique Selling Point and make sure you cost your products and services to be both competitive but provide a profit.

Delivered in Empower’s straight forward no nonsense way, you will enjoy the journey and be set to maximise your organisation’s income through selling. 


  1. Understanding the market and researching your competition
  2. Identifying what you do well – What is your USP?
  3. Costing your products and services accurately – Understanding the market
  4. The principle of up-selling
  5. Getting and keeping customers – Understand the customer relationship
  6. Market research – ensuring their is a demand
  7. Marketing your product or service
  8. Identifying your customers – who they are, where they are and what they need
  9. Decision making structure – Does your organisation pass the test?
  10. Understanding risk in a commercial setting
  11. Generating and converting leads
  12. Creating an effective sales team from all the staffThe course will enable you to build up an action plan based on your own organisation to work on and develop.

Course suitable for:

Any member of staff or trustee of an organisation with an interest in generating an income from trading. No commercial expertise required.


One day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm  

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