Roles and Responsibilities of Company Directors


As more Third Sector organisations seek sustainability through trading, the route of Company Limited by Guarantee or Community Interest Company are often the most appropriate legal structure, offering the freedom to trade whilst limiting the liability of the Directors.

However, this limited liability is sometimes considered as a catch all providing protection in all cases; unfortunately this is not true. Stepping from the more supportive culture of the charity sector in to the arena of Company Law which is less flexible and comes with penalties including fines and a criminal record for non-compliance means directors MUST go into the process with their eyes open.

This straight forward, easy to understand course goes through the benefits and pitfalls of the limited company structure and the role and responsibilities of the directors.



  • Overview of limited by guarantee status
  • Establishing the key elements of Company Law
  • Main benefits of a limited by guarantee structure
  • Potential pitfalls
  • Legal responsibilities of company directors
  • Good governance for company directors
  • Establishing an effective board
  • Developing an effective decision making structure
  • Being entrepreneurial
  • Sound risk management
  • Avoiding pitfalls


Course suitable for:

Anyone who is currently, or is considering becoming a company director. Groups or individuals exploring appropriate legal structures for their group; anyone advising groups and individuals on the most appropriate legal structure.

One day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm 

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