Raise Your Profile and Influence Through the Development of a Strong Brand


Your brand is much more than just a logo and a strap line. It’s your profile among with customers and stakeholders. How is your organisation perceived and valued? Are you the recognised expert in your field? How far is your reach? Thought you were ‘out there’? This course will blow you away. Follow our strategies and see a measurable increase in your organisations profile in just three months!


  • Understanding the influence of the brand
  • Strategies for finding out what people think of you
  • How far is your reach? Who knows about you and who needs to know?
  • In what ways do you communicate and how effective is it?
  • Do you really know your customers? Do you know who they are? Where they are and what are their values? If not you are selling to an empty room
  • It’s all about selling! Get out there and let people know about you
  • Being the first choice for funders partners and service users
  • Customer service, from referral to delivery
  • Providing added value, keeping people coming back
  • Action planning. Create an action plan and do it  

Course suitable for

  • Anyone who believes their organisation makes a difference and wants to take steps to get to the most people they can and influence them
  • Anyone in a trustee or management role or aiming to move into this role and wants to lead a successful organisation

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