Project Management Master Class


From setting out objectives to compiling the final monitoring and evaluation report and identifying priorities, this Project Management Master Class course shows you how to plan, run and monitor projects, and explains what to do if things go wrong. This workshop contains a wealth of straightforward, expert advice on scheduling and budgeting, managing and communications information, planning activities, and developing leadership skills to ensure successful completion of all projects.

To deliver successful projects either for funders or in a contracting situation it is vital to deliver outcomes on time and within budget. Project Management Master Class will maximise your performance and optimise results every time.


This one day course builds on the skills developed in the “Introduction to Project Management Course” and will be familiar to experienced project managers.

Delegates will work in teams on complex case studies. The case studies will provide all the information that participants need to make on-going decisions about the management of the project.


  1. Review of key features of projects
  2. Understanding who the customer is
  3. Identifying the essentials of success
  4. Checking outcomes – how does the customer view success?
  5. Checking feasibility
  6. Prioritising
  7. Defining the scope
  8. Defining objectives and indicators
  9. Assessing constraints listing activities
  10. Checking assumptions
  11. Committing resources – examining details, making compromises, documenting resources
  12. Identifying threats, contingency planning, pre-empting problems, completing the plan
  13. Starting positively, leading appropriately and effectively, resolving conflict, standing back
  14. Encouraging teamwork, maintaining momentum, using a logical process, making safe decisions
  15. Managing information and assessing information
  16. Communicating clearly and tracking progress, monitoring performance, resolving difficulties
  17. Stakeholder analysis
  18. Updating the plan
  19. Dealing with change
  20. Understanding customer needs
  21. Time – Cost – Quality – Scope – Trade off


Participants will be required to make critical decisions as a team and face a number of crises in the life of the projects.Participants will have a portfolio of skills which will enable them to skilfully manage a range of projects and have the confidence to intervene to turn around failing projects.A fun, fast moving and interactive course.

Course suitable for:

Suitable for managers at all levels, this workshop will equip you with the ‘know how’ you need to lead any project, large or small, to a successful conclusion. From starting a project effectively to motivating a team and overcoming problems, every aspect of professional project management is clearly explained. There is a step-by-step guide to project planning, with tips to take away with you offering further advice. Finally, a self assessment exercise allows you to evaluate your ability as a project manager, helping you to improve your skills, and your prospects for the future.

Duration:      1 day (9.30am – 3.30pm)   

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