Project Evaluation – what is that about?


Third sector organisations often ask “What is the importance of evaluating my project and why should we do it?” Evaluation is about making a judgement on your work and using data you have collected to make changes and improvements to how you work.


The course will provide you with the understanding of how to undertake simple yet effective evaluation activities of your project and organisational activities to inform current and future funders of the impact and benefit of your work. All too often, funders need organisations to have first hand knowledge of the need for their work – and how you collate such information is just as important as the actual need!

The course will be delivered by a highly experienced evaluation consultant with fifteen years experience of designing, developing and delivering project and programme based evaluations on a local, regional and national level.


This specifically designed course for the voluntary, community and public sector will include:

  • Emphasising why training, learning and delivery of work have to be evaluated
  • The different types of evaluation models and techniques – summative, formative, process, implementation, outcome and self-evaluation methods – and how they can be adopted and used in your organisational activities for added benefit
  • Exploring the latest thinking on the value of learning from evaluating your work and activities
  • Measuring the outcomes, impact and effectiveness of your work – what does that mean?
  • Determining how (and why) your work may have deviated from initial plans and expectations
  • Identifying where the strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Gauging the extent to which your work represents value for money
  • Making recommendations for improving future performance and delivery
  • How to present your findings to external organisations, in particular to future funders!  


Benefits of taking the course

By undertaking simple evaluation techniques, this will create and prompt fresh thinking within your organisation and relationships with your external agencies, in particular future funders. Once you have asked the right questions, an evaluation will tell you not only what you have achieved, but also how you did it and what was most effective. It will help you find the areas where improvement or change is needed, and help you to provide the best service to your users and beneficiaries.

Course is suitable for

Anyone who delivers project activities, from Project Officers to Project Managers and Trainers who wish to understand the impact of their work and use the information to leverage further external support and funding.

You will benefit most from this course if you are new to evaluation and want a good understanding of and are planning on implementing a system for your project and work.

One day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm

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