Professional Boundaries


Anyone who works with vulnerable people is affected by professional boundaries including risks around personal disclosure, dealing with gifts and keeping ourselves and our families safe.

This course will focus on the importance of setting and keeping healthy boundaries and how to identify situations before things go wrong.

It will look at good practice with lots of real examples and an opportunity to share ideas about working safely while not losing the human touch. Aimed at frontline staff and service managers, this is the perfect guide to being the friendly professional, not the professional friend.


The course will examine:

  • What is meant by professional boundaries
  • Why they are important for different groups e.g. service users, staff and organisations
  • How to maintain the difference between personal and professional life particularly where staff and service users live in the same community
  • How to identify risk of boundary blurring and violation
  • An opportunity to look at relevant scenarios for specific client groups e.g. young people, domestic abuse, mental health, older people, etc

Course suitable for:

Anyone working with or employing staff or volunteers who work with vulnerable people in a community, residential or advice service setting.

One day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm

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