Maximising Income from Community Assets


Buildings can provide a valuable source of income for voluntary groups, but could result in a loss making scheme if not handled correctly.

This course provides individuals with knowledge and skills needed to make the most of their community building. Participants will learn how to raise their profile above that of their competitors, accurately price their facilities, enhance the visitor experience and get some secure customers. With the new Government give away of community buildings many groups are seeing this as a real chance for sustainability and for some it may be, but without the proper planning these could become a millstone.

The course looks at the liability of trustees, understanding tax, business rates and how to ensure an appropriate decision making structure. Understand risk and how to manage assumptions. 


  1. Understanding that you are taking on a liability not an asset
  2. What does it take to turn a liability into an asset
  1. Creating an entrepreneurial culture
  2. Creating a compelling brand
  3. Understanding the market, what need is there for the service
  4. Knowing and understanding the competition
  5. Effective marketing – PR and Profile raising
  6. Providing what people want
  7. Where are the customers
  8. Pricing the service properly
  9. The importance of the visitor experience
  10. Retaining customers and the principles of up-selling
  11. Ensuring your organisation is fit for purpose
  12. Managing risk
  13. Limiting liability
  14. Examining building requirements in relation to DDA, parking and access
  15. Overview of tax liabilities and implications of business rates 

Course suitable for:

Any charity, social enterprise or voluntary and community group who have or hope to acquire a building and wish to generate an income from it.

Ideally participants should bring floor plans if they have them.

One day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm  

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