Managing change within your organisation


Anyone who has ever been involved in change knows it can be an uneasy task.  There are many elements to creating successful change and each has to be carefully considered.

If you are coping with change or realise there needs to be change in your organisation, this is the perfect course for you to attend.

We will take you through the elements of the change process, for you to understand each stage, appreciating why people react to change as they do. Being prepared for change is a big part of an effective change process.

This course covers how you can cope with change yourself and assist your staff and colleagues for the better of your organisation.

This is a very participative workshop, so come prepared to share (and gain more) to help you implement, manage and sustain change for the benefit of your organisation.


  1. Why change is necessary: Why change fails, resistance and why it occurs, need for change (each participant to do a mind map / write about change they would like to see happen) basis for sharing in group. Understanding the power of vision. Avoiding panic, communicating change.
  2. Creating the impetus for change: understanding and creating perspective for change, individual and management. The change machine: keeping in touch at all levels of the organisation, looking forward, monitoring competitors through customers.
  3. Making the change: (Embedded) using models to help us through the change. Several modes for change will be dicussed on this course for you to choose which will work best for you, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of each to assist your choice.
  4. Making it stick: Anchoring change into your organisation, using metaphor of a ships anchor to stop them moving! How to make it real and gain ongoing support. Priority, effort and reward. Senior management commitment to change, roles and responsibilities.
  5. Use a case study throughout the day as an example of change.
  6. Tips for managing change.


Course suitable for

Anyone in a leadership role or who has responsibility for managing change within their organisation. This course is equally relevant for trustees or staff.

One day course 9.30 – 3.30pm   

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