Making Social Enterprise Work

Third Sector organisations are increasingly looking to a social enterprise model to develop an additional income stream. Many set their sights on trading as a means of achieving sustainability.

However, whilst social enterprise does indeed hold the potential to generate much needed funds, many start and fail within a year while others stagger along making little or no impact, resorting to grant dependency as a means of survival.

There are three reasons for this:

  1. Wrong culture –the organisation fails to adopt a commercial approach.
  2. Wrong skills set – trustees become directors but can lack the necessary skills to deliver on business objectives.
  3. Lack of MASSIVE ACTION to take the organisation forward and which involves the whole team.

This course goes through every step you need to take to review the current position of your organisation and take appropriate steps to make it fit for purpose.
The course includes:

  • How to identify where your organisation is in the lifecycle of a business
  • What steps you need to take to move your organisation to the next level
  • What are you trading and does it meet your customers’ needs?
  • Busily going nowhere? Are you measuring success by the amount you do or the amount you earn (net)?
  • Effective marketing and selling, knowing your customers and their values
  • Developing a compelling brand is a lot more than a logo. What to people think about your organisation?
  • How do you stack up against the competition?
  • Are all your entrepreneurial skills held by an individual within your organisation? How to develop an independent team
  • Who leads? Do you have an ambitious unequivocal shared and understood vision of where your organisation is going?
  • What are your risks?
  • What are your current liabilities? Should you push forward or should you get out?


Includes a question and answer workshops with expert facilitators.

Course is suitable for:

  • Directors; CEOS and staff keen to maximise the potential of their social enterprise
  • For those staff and directors wanting to revitalise their social enterprise.
  • New and emerging social enterprises; those considering developing a social enterprise.


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