Introduction to Transactional Analysis TA101

Empower offers you a unique experience to access an internationally renowned exponent of Transactional Analysis, with a 3 day certificated course which provides an insight and skills for you as an individual and for the development of your organisation.


Day 1

An effective organisation relies on people with exceptional communication skills and this first day provides an in depth series of psychological concepts to map quality interactions.

Session includes:

Contracting – personal and professional

‘OK Corral’ focusing on personal effectiveness

‘Strokes’ – positive and negative ‘strokes’ at a professional and organisational level.

Being in charge – from a personal, professional and organisational perspective

Functional modes and how these effect our personal, professional and organisational interactions


Day 2

Effortless leadership relies on a leader knowing themselves: motivation, emotional literacy, and a sense of perspective all help. Interlocking ideas from an in-depth psychological framework help this process

Session includes:

‘Drama Triangle’

Rackets and their impact on stress levels

Discounting / learning

Ego states – personal interactions


Day 3

Insights into the impact of stress and also into how each of us deals with this when it happens and cumulatively, plus optimistic and positive strategies to use with self and others provides a final set of useful maps to support each of us in our individual journeys as managers and people who care about what we do.

Session includes:

Drivers – Stress and strengths

Scripts – Understanding ourselves and our life scripts

Cycles of development from a personal, professional and organisational perspective.


Duration: 3 day course (9.30am – 4.30pm for all days)

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