Introduction to Counselling Skills


Counselling skills are about enabling people to arrive at solutions to their own issues and achieve a greater understanding of themselves and their situation. Counselling skills are NOT about giving advice.

Professional counselling takes years of training; however, this course will enable participants to learn to listen and reflect back issues shared by another person or group of people.

It is ideal for those engaged in peer to peer mentoring or for members of support groups which may bring together individuals who share a common issue or set of circumstances.

This course teaches you how to effectively support someone on a formal or informal basis, understand how our own perspective can muddy the water and when to refer on.

The content includes some transactional analysis ‘Understanding your ego states’ and the OK Corral, ensuring you support from the position of I’m OK / You’re OK 


  1. Understanding confidentiality
  2. Setting ground rules / establishing boundaries
  3. Effective listening
  4. Questioning skills
  5. Reflective practice
  6. Parent Adult Child Ego states and how they influence transactions
  7. OK Corral, I’m OK / You’re OK
  8. Understanding when to refer on
  9. Using case studies
  10. Understanding ourselves and how that may impact on our ability to give counselling skills in a specific circumstance
  11. Getting in too deep
  12. Further reading   


Course suitable for:

Anyone operating in a supportive role either formally or informally. Anyone seeking a career in a caring profession and looking to develop skills. Members of support groups. Counselling skills are a valuable skill for everyone including parents; friends and families.

One day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm  

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