Increase your personal effectiveness


Becoming personally effective is an essential part of life, but how many of us have been given the time and allowed ourselves to think about how to become personally effective.

This is not a luxury, but a must …. life is not a dress rehearsal.

Therefore whether you work for yourself or someone else, it is vital that you make the most of the opportunities that present themselves to you.

Most people aspire to be the best at what they do, and if we are proud and successful, we enjoy what we do and generally become more productive.

Therefore it makes sense to spend some time discovering what is personal effectiveness for you, how can you get it, what changes might you need to make to achieve your optimum effectiveness.

This workshop takes us on that journey together, sharing experiences and discovering simple tools to make us as effective as we want to be.

You will never look back!


  • Juggling your life: what do you have to juggle? What are the important things? Questionnaire/self assessment, discussion exercises (key items: taking on too much, getting out or a rut, being stressed, the right solution, direction!)
  • Understanding yourself: exercise to discover left/right handedness, visual etc … how is this important to effectiveness? Working out your preference. Preference in a team. Organised and spontaneous, details or big picture, analytical, expressive etc … self scoring exercise. Discussion of implications as a group. Questions to ask yourself.
  • Being effective: taking stock, deciding on the right direction, your responsibilities, adapting to change, being organised, being in control. Pointers and questions activity to summarise.
  • How to take charge: valuing yourself, learning to say no, asserting yourself, being persistent, coping with stress (positive and negative stress discussion).
  • Benefits: what to expect of yourself and others when you are at peak performance. The power of your behaviour, how you can affect others.
  • Living positively: look after yourself, leading a balanced life, realising your dreams.
  • Check list and tips to take away.


  • Encourage a network from within the group.


Course suitable for: Anyone wanting to improve the way they work and make more time for the important things in life.


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