Full Cost Recovery – Can you survive without it?


Full Cost Recovery is, in the opinion of many agencies, the single biggest factor in the sustainability of the sector.

Full Cost Recovery enables voluntary and community groups to claim a proportion of core running costs from funders or as part of a contract to deliver a service. The formula, accepted by the Welsh Government and Whitehall as well as most major funders, is considered by many to be over complicated and inaccessible by smaller charities and community groups. Empower makes this complicated model simple. Our step by step guide will ensure you are able to cost any project accurately and then calculate the full cost of the project.

The course is full of techniques for effectively costing all direct project costs and provides prompt sheets to make the process easily. We show the importance of creating a compelling image of the project as a means of identifying all relevant costs.

With crib sheets and prompts which can be used again and again, this course prepares you for costing any project.


  • Understanding the principles of project costing
  • Identifying the pitfalls
  • How to ensure you include all items in direct project costs
  • Creating a vision of the project in order to ensure all costs are included
  • How to calculate items such as postage, photocopying or stationery
  • What is Full Cost Recovery – the formula
  • Calculating Full Cost Recovery
  • Using Case studies calculate direct project costs and Full Cost Recovery
  • Understanding VAT, up lift and cost of living increases
  • Strategies to ensure all relevant costs are included, such as in kind funding 

Course suitable for

Bid writers, contract managers and anyone involved in identifying the cost of a project or programme.


One day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm  

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