Effective Multi Agency Partnership Working

Course outline:

This course is designed for members of new or existing multi agency partnerships who demand highly effective joint working.

It explores the elements of effective partnership working and the potential pitfalls if protocols are not put in place and performance managed.

We examine power imbalances and responding to individual agendas.

The course includes:

  1. Reviewing the partnerships vision
  2. Ensuring the strategy is realistic, achievable and delivers on the vision
  3. Examining leadership – does the partnership provide strategic leadership for the partnership, its members and wider stakeholders
  4. Ensuring accountability – looking at decision making, inequality in levels of influence and tacking hidden agendas
  5. How effective is the partnership in achieving its goals and reaching decisions democratically
  6. Performance management – how to manage performance in relation to community impact
  7. Bending mainstream services (where appropriate)
  8. Assessing impact on local delivery through participation in the partnership
  9. Assessing the extent to which the partnership develops the capacity of the beneficiaries, service users and wider community
  10. Monitoring review and performance accountability
  11. Operating context and evidence base
  12. Demonstrable sound financial management systems
  13. Partnerships role in the development of local learning, skills and knowledge
  14. How to use Results Based Accountability Performance Accountability to measure performance
  15. Using Population Accountability to measure impact


Course Suitable for:

Individuals and organisations who want to ensure they maximise the benefits of joint working. It is also ideal for those creating a Multi Agency Partnership or want to review their impact.

One day course 9.30am – 3.30pm    

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