Effective marketing and selling


Effective marketing and selling is not about making people buy things they don’t need. It is about understanding the needs of your ‘customer’, addressing their needs effectively and communicating with them using a language they understand.


This fast paced course is marketing for non-marketeers and selling for people who don’t ‘do’ selling. Designed specifically for the Third Sector, the focus is on ethical practices and long term relationship trading.


Delivered by Empower Director Bev Garside, the course shows that selling can be fun and rewarding and marketing does not need to cost the earth.



  • Understand what your customers’ needs – Creating an on-going dialogue and listening to customers. Creating an environment for honesty. Encouraging constructive criticism
  • Separating customer groups – Different customers require different services and often require different communication
  • Develop effective marketing strategies that don’t cost the Earth – tricks of the trade
  • Establish credibility. Why should people use your services?
  • Selling – It’s all about relationships
  • Maintain quality and keep your promises
  • Understand market share and how to approach customers – who are the competition and why do customers go to them
  • Building a fan base, using social media and your website effectively


Course suitable for

Any Third Sector organisation wishing to increase participation in services.

Any social enterprise, new or existing that one to increase income generation through trading.

Individuals wanting to develop skills vital for a sustainable 3rd sector.


One day course 9.30am – 3.30pm


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