Developing Sustainability Strategy


Sustainability of the Third Sector has never been more critical. We have seen a movement away from statutory sector grant programmes towards tendering for delivery of services, which provides less long term certainty. Local Authority cuts have seen a further reduction in funding and more and more organisations are moving towards trading as a means of generating income to a greater or lesser level of success.

A sustainability strategy is a way of planning, in the long term. It is about allocating the resources you need for the work you do now and to fund your plans for the future.

An effective sustainability strategy looks at financial risk and seeks opportunities to ‘immunise’ the organisation from the impact of sudden losses of funding.

Sustainability is about looking forward, planning for the long term and taking into account both internal and external factors which may impact on the continued growth and health of the organisation.


What is sustainability?

Undertaking a Health Check of your organisation. How sustainable are you?

Mapping your expenditure against your activities:

  1. Examining core costs
  2. Looking at delivery costs
  3. How balanced is your current income? Where does it come from and how safe is it?

Creating time line of income – Understanding income streaming and where the losses are.

What are the financial risks? Internal and external

What do you need for the future? Examining changes in delivery profile and funding profile

Action planning. What income do you need? What do you need it for? Where are you going to access this funding?

Measuring the impact of your organisation on Sustainability Communities

Covering Environmental Sustainability. Ensuring your growth is green

Course suitable for

Directors, CEOs and trustees of organisations, Communities First Co-ordinators, regeneration partnerships and anyone with a role in ensuring the long term sustainability of their organisation

One day course: 9.30 – 3.30 pm

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