Developing High Performance Teams


Working with teams, whether as a leader of a single or several teams, is an essential part of a manager’s remit. Teamworking is the way of working in most organisations. This workshop is an indispensable, practical guide to leading teams with expertise, and developing skills to:

  • Complete a project
  • Establish trust between team members
  • Maximising and measuring performance to motivate


A self assessment exercise allows you to assess your individual leadership capabilities and potential, with practical tips to assist you to become an excellent manager.

  • Understanding how teams work: what makes a good team for your organisation, matching team members to specfic tasks, analysing team roles and dynamics and balancing team skills. This module uses tools to assist your team understanding and ‘Templates’ for use within your work environment to help create your high performance team
  • Setting up a team: setting goals, providing support for a team, establishing team trust, maximising performance, creating a self managed team, taking on an existing team, exercising authority, communicating clearly, delegation, making decisions
  • Improving team efficiency: analysing team dynamics (including techniques to understand team members) and how they interact creating a better team structure, communicating effectively, running a team meeting, sharing information inside (and outside) the team, dealing with problems, setting team standards


  • Working for the future: measuring performance: tracking team progress, setting targets, training the team, rewarding performance, planning for the future, establishing a vision, boosting achievement

Group activities faciliate understanding of the team dynamics between course colleagues for use as a model of ‘how to’ when you return to your work place. They include the following:

  • appreciating personality types
  • structure of team activities, breakout groups
  • who and why
  • group exercise to illustrate team dynamics
  • assigning roles and responsibilities

Course suitable for:

Team leaders, team managers or whole team participation.  

One day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm

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