Confidence Building and Motivation


If you ‘knew’, with absolute certainty, that there was no job out there, how hard would you try?

Our beliefs about the world, ourselves and the ‘way things are’, present the biggest barrier to our achievements. Possessors of negative life scripts will see insurmountable barriers where others see an opportunity.

Many of the people we support possess not just one, but many negative life scripts which have become reinforced over the years.

Without tackling these, we will not see real change.

 Course Content:

 This course enables participants to:

  • Understand confidence: What is it and where does it come from?
  • What are life scripts? How do they impact on our ability to achieve?
  • Positive and negative strokes. Confidence as an expression of feeling ‘good enough’
  • I’m OK. You’re OK
  • Demonstrating confidence
  • Goal setting with individuals
  • Overcoming barriers

Course suitable for:

This course is for professionals working with disadvantaged individuals and families.

This is a one day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm

It involves group work and discussion around case studies.


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