Complete Guide to Tendering for the Third Sector


With the increased emphasis on delivery of services by the voluntary and community sector we are moving from a grant giving to a procurement environment. Learn how to approach the public sector to tender for services, create an organisational profile for your organisation and reduce the chances of being eliminated from the process by avoiding the pitfalls.

The course will explain the tender process, the documentation, how tenders are evaluated and what to avoid.

Participants will learn how to strengthen their chances at the pre-qualification stage and how to present their organisation favourably in terms of capacity, capability, and technical expertise.

Learn to negotiate towards an agreement which will enable your organisation to deliver services properly and include an element of sustainability.

The course is not a generic tendering course but responds to the specific challenges facing the third sector in developing their role delivering services for the public sector.


This course opens with a look at commissioning and tendering and presents views of various sector representatives.

How to get past the PQQ stage.

Demonstrating Capacity, Capability, Track Record and management capability.


The course then reviews the tendering process from the standpoint of the public sector. What are the regulations and how tenders are evaluated?


We consider the elements of a strong tender using real tender documents and case studies, and give tips on how to cut down repetition by producing templates that can be used again and again.


A key element of the tendering process is costing the delivery of services. We look in depth at how to cost delivery, providing a template which can be re-used. We dispel the myths about Full Cost Recovery and explain how to calculate it, again using models and templates.


We examine other risks of tendering such as TUPE, breach of contract and failure to deliver.


Course suitable for

 All voluntary and community organisations that are currently, or wish to, deliver services to the public sector. It is also useful for public sector commissioning teams or all public sector employees who engage with the voluntary and community sector in a commissioning role and social enterprise staff.

One day course 9.30am – 3.30pm


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