Charity Finance Awareness for Trustees

Course outline

With the challenges facing charitable organisations, trustees are often feeling ‘out of the loop’ when it comes to the financial health of their organisation. Most are not appointed for their financial expertise and may feel that they are not given the information they require to take commercial decisions. This course explains to the non-financial trustee what information they need to see and how to establish the health of the organisation.

Course content

  • Establishing the financial health of the organisation. What to look for?
  • Reserves policy. How does your organisation manage the reserves
  • Creditors and Debtors. Understanding what to look for in effective credit control
  • Ensuring effective cash flow
  • Salaries. Ensuring all staff have funding for posts and that the staffing levels are appropriately managed
  • Regular payments. Ensuring that regular payments are reviewed and appropriate
  • Exploring contracts and lease agreements. What are the long term liabilities of the organisation?
  • Understanding financial responsibilities under SORP
  • Understanding financial risk. How safe is your income?
  • Managing the core costs. Ensuring all cost savings are maximised
  • Demanding up to date and accurate records
  • Potential liabilities of trustees and directors
  • Ensuring that funded projects are not being subsidised by the organisation


The course is specifically for those trustees with little or no financial expertise and explains what information they need to know to ensure that the organisation they are overseeing is compliant with current legislation and is managing its finances effectively. Not knowing is not a defence. This simple straight forward course will give participants the knowledge and confidence to ask finance officers and CEOs for the information they need. Practical course with exercises and discussions.    

This is a one day course: 9.30 – 3.30pm

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