Challenging Self Limiting Beliefs


Whilst many people face hardship through circumstance be it poverty; lack of parental support; poor educational attainment or abuse often the most debilitating circumstance is that which brings with it a belief that they are not entitled or able to take account of any opportunity that is presented.

If a person believes that “no one in our family goes to university” “I always have relationships which end in domestic violence” “There are no jobs for people on our estate” then flowing from that is a lack of commitment to try, because the outcome is inevitable.

History has shown feats of immense bravery and commitment to overcome almost inconceivable odds and always, without fail it is because the individual went against the prevailing view and said “I can”.

Whether you work with people who adopt a fatalistic attitude to the future or you feel that you yourself are not achieving the things that deep down you could, this course is for you.

From attitude and belief flows action or lack of it. You can change your attitude ‘in a heartbeat’



  • Understanding self-limiting beliefs in ourselves and others
  • Exploring where these belief stem from and how they formed
  • Realising that ‘The past does not equal the future’
  • Identifying barriers to success
  • Smashing through barriers
  • You are only as good as the questions you ask yourself
  • Setting a compelling Vision
  • Banishing demons
  • Setting goals and achieving them
  • Taking time to celebrate

Course suitable for:

Those working with people with self-limiting beliefs. For individuals who want to achieve more and shed self-limiting beliefs that have held them back. We all have them, what defines us is those that accept them and those of us who recognise what they are and are committed to change

One day course: 9.30am – 3.30pm

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