Be a Highly Effective Manager


Becoming a highly effective manager is all about learning how to lead, how to empower and how to be responsible.

‘Observation is the best teacher’ and any employee would shine if their manager were to display the best management attributes. How, therefore, can any manager who wants the best for their team not wish to invest in becoming a highly effective manager themselves?

This workshop will develop skills that will improve all aspects of your life. You cannot unlearn a skill like efficiency … it is a gateway to continued success.



  • Learning to lead: Focussing on efficiency, learning from others, gaining experience, recognising and developing personal strengths, reaching your potential.
  • Leading others: Being prepared, forming an efficient team, delegating tasks, communicating clearly, motivating groups.
  • Improving your effectiveness: Making decisions, setting and prioritising goals, leading discussions, using meetings efficiently, problem solving, giving support to your team.
  • Inspiring others: Establishing a vision within your team, generating ideas, managing openly, recognising achievement, moving forward.
  • Building motivation: Being a good manager, improving communication, motivating individuals, motivating groups, preventing demotivation, appraising effectively.


Self assessment tools and case studies are used to facilitate active learning in this workshop.  Many sessions require group work and discussion and presenting back ideas. We practice and develop many of the techniques within this workshop that can be applied in live situations … so you learn as you go … you learn what motivates, how to engage team members and to deal with a problematic situation with a member of staff.

This is truly a practical workshop, where you are encouraged to interact and discuss key issues in relation to effective management which will ensure that you gain the most from this experience.

Course suitable for:


Anyone in a management role … even if that is managing yourself … the most challenging person you will ever manage. Get that right and you are going to be an inspiration for many others too.

One day course 9.30am – 3.30pm

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