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To be a successful movement we need to listen less to our national bodies

Adrian Ashton

Time and again, there's a rallying call that talks of social enterprise as a 'movement'. And that's fine, but surely the way that a movement is created, sustained and ultimately succeeds, is through it being made up of numerous small initiatives – all of which are concerned primarily with impacting on their immediate community.

Published by Adrian Ashton of Insight, Development, Encouragement on 21/07/2014 View this entry

Blog: What’s Myers Briggs all about?

Sue Parsons

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is one of many profiling tools which can help team members really get to know themselves and each other to start building a really great team. Sue Parsons explains what it’s all about.

Published by Sue Parsons of Vámonos Training & Development on 24/06/2014 View this entry

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