Empower Resellers

A unique opportunity for social enterprises and not for profit groups to generate an income through the sale of Empower products.

So, what are the benefits?

• No financial outlay – you do not need to buy stock, we supply the customer direct.
• Risk free – you can develop sales at your own pace and can stop selling at any time without any penalties.
• Guarantee of quality’s Empower’s valuable brand ensures the best product quality.
• Simple process – Each reseller will have an individual reseller code to ensure you get your commission.
• Reseller training – we will provide you with all marketing materials at the outset.
• No geographic limitation – you can sell to the whole world!
• Constant stream of new products will ensure you never run out of sales prospects.

We look forward to working with you!!


Download the Empower Resellers Leaflet here.