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What’s the impact of the widening gap between charity and private sector pay?

Dominic Dickson

As charities struggle to compete with the remuneration offered to staff in the private sector and face the challenge of recruiting and retaining staff on an un-level playing field, it’s time to change the game and find other ways to stay attractive to employees.

Published by Dominic Dickson of Empower - Support for the Voluntary Sector on 14/11/2014 View this entry

Handle with care: the risks and rewards of restructuring

Bev Garside

Restructuring roles, responsibilities and reporting lines can transform your organisation into a sleek, competitive operator. But restructuring is a complex process fraught with risk, where openness to ideas, honest communication and sensitivity are essential to success and where really listening to your employees will make all the difference.

Published by Bev Garside of Empower - Support for the Voluntary Sector on 12/11/2014 View this entry

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