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Blog: Driving down overhead costs in Charity Management

Liz Maher

What role could VAT play in cost reduction for Third Sector organisations? Liz Maher, Director of Centurion VAT Specialists Ltd, discusses the Cost Sharing Group in the VAT context, legislation which allows a recharge for services to be made from one body to other legal entities, who are “members” of that shared service centre body, to be made without VAT having to be added to that charge.

Published by Liz Maher of Centurion VAT Specialists Ltd on 04/08/2014 View this entry

Blog: Why it is essential to follow up references

Bev Garside

Many organisations see references as little more than a formality, often failing to follow them up or consider the content carefully. Yet, they are an opportunity to ask a previous employer to provide an assessment of the applicant’s ability to do the job and offer a judgement of the individual’s character. Empower's Director explains why it is crucial to get references right and how Empower can help you in the recruitment process.

Published by Bev Garside of Empower - Support for the Voluntary Sector on 29/07/2014 View this entry

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