Breaking into the charity sector using… LinkedIn?

Bev Garside

I was interested to see the response to one LinkedIn member who has just left the military and is looking for consultancy work. She was open about her lack of experience in CV writing and that her ‘Plan A’ didn’t work out and the offers of support flooded in.

So here are my Top 6 Tips to use LinkedIn to break into a new sector using LinkedIn. Hope they help.

1. Understand the language of your target sector – Each sector has its own language. You may have transferable skills, but unless your prospective employers recognise them you will struggle to make a connection. Read posts and articles relative to your intended sector and recognise how they interpret skills and activities.

2. Share the space of your intended sector – It is likely that you have joined lots of groups and are following organisations in your current sector. This is great for support, but you need to be visible to prospective employers in your chosen sector. Find their groups and participate.

3. Give your views – write blogs, post articles and opinions. You do not need to be an expert to give your view and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

4. Comment on others posts – The dinner guest who only participates in their own conversations will not be particularly popular. Engage, like and share other people’s posts and develop relationships.

5. Don’t pick fights – ‘You don’t know who is in the audience’ Remember to be constructive in your criticism and be respectful. Social Media often has a power and reach beyond our expectations which can be either positive or negative.

6. Don’t be afraid to develop relationships outside LinkedIn – Contacts beyond the virtual world. Business is done by real people sharing space and time so arrange to meet up or chat with people where there are mutual benefits.

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