Reflecting upon critical intervention management: What is the appeal for Empower?

  Someone once asked me “What are the key characteristics of an effective Critical Intervention Manager?” Without much thought, I replied “The ability to assess and respond quickly to situations, and a high tolerance for uncertainty!” Reflecting upon the question, uncovered for me why I find such a difficult role so rewarding and why we place it at the heart… Read more →

Do you trust those who share legal responsibility for your charitable organisation not to drop you in it?

Many of us join the boards of charities and social enterprises to do good. Giving our time willingly and without pay, but who will look out for our interests? Whether a trustee of a charity or a director of a not for profit board, you, along with your fellow board members have joint responsibility for ensuring compliance under the law.… Read more →

10 Top Tips For Supporting Staff Through Uncertain Times

Many charitable organisations struggle with letting staff go. Funding constraints often lead to staff facing redundancy which is difficult for all concerned. Top Tips for supporting staff through uncertain times: Engage staff in finding a solution to funding constraints, particularly if their role is affected Keep the whole staff team appraised of any possible job losses and what you are… Read more →

Communities First Axed: Implications For Communities And The Third Sector

Well it’s finally been announced.  The sword of Damacles has dropped and the Welsh Government’s Flag Ship Regeneration programme will be axed. But what does this mean for the Communities and the Sector as whole? Well Communities First has within local areas created a network of “supply chains” where small and medium charities receive income, support and other resources which… Read more →

9 Powerful Ways to Improve Organisational Performance

  Having worked for years helping organisations of all shapes and sizes work through a myriad of different problems and challenges, it has struck the Empower team that most of them can be put down to these 9 things.  Getting the following things right could dramatically improve your organisation’s performance.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, the nurturing the enthusiasm of the people within… Read more →

Exceptionally high calibre business executive seeks a paid or unpaid leadership role within the 3rd sector

A successful business leader for over 20 years, with vast experience of both strategy and policy development, together with sound implementation skills. This candidate has the following qualifications, skills and experience to offer: Strong track record in Sustainable Development. MSc in International Marketing as well as a BA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations. Has successfully led investment programmes and… Read more →

Why Change Management Specialists can provide a cost effective and humane method of bringing about change: “Never buy an ex polo pony”

Someone once told me very wisely “I think that if you ever buy a horse, never buy an ex polo pony”. “Why?” I questioned. “Because polo ponies only know two speeds ‘Fast’ and ‘Stop’ I have never bought a horse, or have any plans to do so, but when reflecting on the challenges facing the 3rd sector, I realised that… Read more →